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A long-time Toronto-area Actor and Singer, Jeff Madden is now focusing on Teaching acting and singing in the GTA. Jeff starred as "Frankie Valli" in both the Toronto and Australian productions of JERSEY BOYS, winning the DORA award for outstanding performance in a musical by a male actor. Jeff is busy back at school, getting his MEd at U of T's OISE.

Monday, March 2, 2009



Last week I met Toronto Raptor Jason Kapono after he saw JERSEY BOYS. This Sunday at 12noon EST, I’ll be seeing him again, this time on his turf.

I’ll be singing the National Anthems with seven of my favorite Jersey Boys at the Toronto Raptors basketball game! This is totally cool. As many of you know, I'm a huge sports fan, and so I’ve heard countless anthems sung at sporting events both live and on TV. Strangely, I always had a feeling - I just knew - that one day I’d be the one singing them.

And, now I will. We’ll be singing live in front of 20,000 fans 'a capella', higher than hell, with tight harmonies, as arranged by our Music Director Ron Melrose to sound like the Four Seasons. We have a rehearsal coming up this week to learn it.

Here’s the best part: The game – and the anthems! - will be televised live nationally on CBC (to maybe a quarter of a million people), this Sunday March 8. Check your local listings. If the broadcast starts at 12 noon EST, you’ll hear us live. If it starts at 12:30pm, you’ll hopefully hear us ‘taped’ very early on. Set your alarms, west-coasters!

Watch it!
Can’t watch it? Record it!
VCR still flashing 12:00? Get a digital PVR!
Don't know what a PVR is? Wait until it goes up on YouTube.
Please tell me you've heard of YouTube...

Do you Twitter? I might be doing a little Twitter-ing myself, on behalf of JERSEY BOYS. We’re having some talks this week to see how this might benefit selling the show. They think it might be interesting to let people know what’s going on in my/Frankie Valli’s daily life.

Should be cool. Hey, these new social networking sites are taking off, just look at Facebook. Actually, don't. You'll never have free time again.

Anyone read the National Post? Yours truly may very well be a guest columnist. Well, sort of.

In their Arts and Life section they have a feature called My Diary. Each week, they hook up with an artist who writes five short daily diaries to let the readers learn what it’s actually like to live the life of an artist. Since I have this blog, and am basically doing it anyway, it seems like a nice fit.

I’m really excited about this project. I believe the diaries will run in the Post starting April 27. I’ll keep you posted, as we get closer to the date.

Another interesting publicity outing I’ll be doing this week is a radio interview with Mark Andrew Lawrence for his weekend show, Front Row Centre on 103.9 Proud FM. Mark had been a big supporter of mine over the years and has featured songs from my CD "TAKING THE WHEEL" several times on his show.

This time, he’s going to interview the Toronto cast’s Four Seasons and get our Five Favorite Show Tunes. Should be fun and interesting. I'll let you know when the program will air.

I’ve been trying all week to pick my favorite five, but it’s actually been very difficult. I gave up on my ‘short’ list when it got to 20. I started again, and got it to 12 before getting stuck again. They are all so meaningful to me in different ways. The interview is tomorrow, so I better figure it our soon. I'll post them as soon as I'll figure it out.

1. Will you watch the Raptor's on Sunday?
2. So seriously, have you heard of Twitter? Are you signed up? Would you be interested in getting updates on a regular basis?
3. What are some of your favorite Show Tunes? Comment below!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, thanks again for the post. My favourite tune is Opus 17, which of course I don't get enough of in the show.
Saw you the other night(again) and your acting is fantastic. You HAVE to be the best "acting" Frankie out there. (Your singing is fantastic too of course).
Yes, know about Twitter and will read it if you Twit. LOL

Joeleo said...

Yo Bro, only 5 favorite show tunes? Really? that would be a hard thing to do - first try to pick your fave tune from 5 different shows - but even that's too hard.
I'll take a stab - in no order...

Audra McDonald's "Your Daddy's Son" from Ragtime - gives me chills on my neck just thinking about her performance.

Bebe Neuwirth et al. "Cell Block Tango" Chicago - just an awesome song (and show).

"The Point Of No Return" from Phantom Of The Opera - I just love that whole show.

"Luck Be A Lady" from Guys and Dolls (although "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat" is really good too).

"Beggin'" from Jersey Boys. It's an awesome song and performed perfectly.

There are too many to choose from but I'll stop at five.

Anonymous said...

Ehhh... I think I'm busy on Sunday, depends what time it's airing, but I'll definately try to record/tivo/whatever it, =D

Twitter, I've heard of, but I'm not sure what it is other than a social networking site. Is it similar to facebook? XD And most likely, I'll sign up just to get the updates, lol

And for show tunes... I don't think I could pick just five, however, to name a few:

Anthem - Chess
Josh Grobin. Enough said, XD

Nobody's Side - Chess
Amazing song, prefer Julia Murney's version, but that's just meeee...

Defying Gravity - Wicked
Hey, it's an awesome song!

I want to Break Free - WWRY
Another awesome song that I can belt full out without going into falsetto, always a plus, =D

Who Loves You - Jersey Boys
Hey, it's really catchy, XD

Positive - Legally Blonde
It's a pretty good pick-me-up song, and the lyrics are pretty amusing, =D

On My Own - Le Miz

Sun And Moon - Miss Saigon
Love the song, love the meaning of the song in the musical.

I Dismiss You - The Pirate Queen
Sung by SJB with an awesome Irish accent. ♥

Think Of Me - POTO
Love the song, =D

Totally Fucked - Spring Awakening
Hey, it's true.

The Life Of The Party - The Wild Party
Awesome song sung by Idina.

And more, I could go on forever, but yeah, I think that's more that enough suggestions, XD

Marisa said...

Two of my favourite things - you singing and ball :))

I'll be watching for sure!!!


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching on Sunday. You're becoming a household name, eh? Way to go!

Anonymous said...

OK, where was the National Anthem? Not aired on CBC! I'll be checking youtube in a few days. I'm sure the live crowd enjoyed it!

annette mutch said...

Hi Jeff:
Somebody goofed big time! Your Dad and I wrote to Raptor's management to ask what up. They promised to answer, will let you know what their excuse is. Annette. oxo

vanessa said...

anyone have the youtube video? they didnt air the national anthem!!! i'm outraged!

Anonymous said...

no national anthem on sunday! highly disappointed...didn't even watch game. boo to the cbc.

5 show tunes. so hard but i'll try.
1. bring him home-les miserables
beautiful and makes me cry every single time without fail.
2. as if we never said goodbye-sunset blvd
3. don't rain on my parade-funny girl
dispite never seeing the show live the movie is awesome so it earns a spot on my list anyway. plus babs is my hero
4. together wherever we go-gypsy
5. what i did for love-a chorus line.

there are so many others though. songs from rent, into the woods, the king and i, little shop of horrors, cats, phantom.

by the way...you are amazing. i've seen the show 4 times (once with you) and there will probably be a few more times too. all the people i brought to see it once want to see it again. bye bye bank balance.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Show yesterday.
Congrats to you and your fellow cast members.
Oh what an Afternoon!

wnd said...

This would be a very good reason to join Twitter! Somebody twitted that the anthem footage was up!

Awesomesauce. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the link. Nice.