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A long-time Toronto-area Actor and Singer, Jeff Madden is now focusing on Teaching acting and singing in the GTA. Jeff starred as "Frankie Valli" in both the Toronto and Australian productions of JERSEY BOYS, winning the DORA award for outstanding performance in a musical by a male actor. Jeff is busy back at school, getting his MEd at U of T's OISE.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I'm Ready to Play

Tonight was my first show back since *THE PLAGUE*.

Note the use of those asterisk(s). They are meant to scare you away - Danger, people. Like, the word PLAGUE on its own (capitalized, no less) isn't warning enough. But I digress.

(Wow, what an odd opening. First of all, what's the plural of asterisk? But I digress again...)

(Hey, what's the plural of digress? Uh oh...)

OK - So, to catch you up, I missed my first three shows this week due to *THE PLAGUE*. (*THE PLAGUE* that I had was actually an ornery intestinal track bug that I named Harper, if you must know).

Seriously, folks, I want to apologize to those of you who bought tickets for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday hoping to see me as Frankie Valli. Believe me, if there was any way I could have done the show, I would have been out there. But, we're all human, and some times these things are unavoidable. When both my kids got it, it was only a matter of time. Sorry!!

It wasn't until noon today that I knew I had the strength to get back at it. And I'm so glad I did. I LOVE doing this show. I just love sharing the stage with my incredibly talented castmates, especially in front of a nearly sold out Friday night crowd. Man, it felt good to be back out there tonight!

I mean, I was a bit shaky. I'm not gonna lie. But, that's hardly a surprise, after spending three days moving between the Holy Trinity of the Bed to the Bathroom to the Couch, (it is Easter, isn't it?) I had actually lost five pounds. And on me, that's a lot.

Since I've only been on solid food for a day and a half now, I was lacking a bit of my usual strength and endurance. You know, there were a few moments where I was a tiny bit out of breath, a few moments where the choreo was a bit ooh, how do I say it nicely... wooden. A few pitchy notes up in the falsetto. These mostly all occurred in the "Big Three", actually (Sherry, Big Girls, and Walk Like a Man). But, all in all, I was really happy with how I got through it.

It actually reminded me of my first show as Frankie Valli, December 12, 2008. I wasn't sure how that night was going to go - none of us were, really. I mean, it was only our 2nd full run through of the show with full tech. So, there were a few Bunny-in-the-head-lights moments that night, and maybe one or two tonight as well.

Oh well, it's all good. We received a full standing ovation tonight, just like we did for our first show, and every single show since. JERSEY BOYS is huge and unstoppable. Just like Harper, aka *THE PLAGUE*.

More Good News

IF you have nothing planned this Easter Weekend, why not come see JERSEY BOYS? I know it's last minute, but there are super-reduced prices available for both shows Saturday April 11th and the Sunday April 12th 2pm matinee. (Remember, I do not perform in the Saturday matinee).

Call Dancap directly at 416-664-3665 and quote FRIENDS AND FAMILY DISCOUNT to get your $25 and $50 tickets.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

lol, going to see you tomorrow then, =D discount + rush tickets = love. XD

Isabel said...

Hi Jeff,
I saw Jersey Boys for the first time Friday night (from the second row)and absolutely loved it! The seats in my row were actually rocking to the music! I'm so glad you recovered from the "Plague" in time for that show - the entire cast was great but you stood out above them all. Can't wait to see the show again. Best wishes,